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Intellectual Property Law (including Industrial Property Law)
  • Creating licensing contracts, technology transfer, know – how, transfer of author's rights,
  • Protecting trade marks, industrial designs, utility models, patents, geographical indications, names (company business), moral rights,
  • Safeguarding against dishonestly taking advantage of the reputation of a businessman or business,
  • Preserving lawful competition.
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Trade Law
  • providing ongoing legal services to companies in the area of trade law,
  • providing services to companies' management boards, supervisory boards and shareholders,
  • preparing corporate documents including regulations, statutes and resolutions,
  • restructuring procedures (company mergers)

Administration Law
  • advising and providing support in creating a local zone plan,
  • obtaining permits, permission and concessions,
  • representing the client in dealings with local/municipal authorities and government.

Civil Law
  • Preparing, drafting and giving opinions on contracts, letters of intent, memoranda of understanding, letters of attorney, sales proposals,
  • providing advice, clarification and opinions, preparing lawsuits, appeals, complaints and other pleadings,
  • representing principals in court proceedings.

Real Estate Legal Issues
  • analyzing the legal position of a property as well assessing the risk associated with its purchase,
  • obtaining permission for foreign nationals to purchase a property,
  • collaborating with a notary to create a contract.

Criminal Law
  • Preparing notices on suspicion of committing a crime (criminal offence), appeals, annulment, complaints, private prosecutions,
  • representing principals in court proceedings.

Employment Law
  • Ongoing support to employers in giving opinions on contracts,
  • drafting workplace regulations,
  • giving opinions on the acceptability and form of termination of employment, drafting work contracts including those for employees, managers' contracts,
  • representing principals in court proceedings.

Organizational-Legal Projects:

involving the lawyer's independent execution of a project as well as co-ordination of the team selected to fulfill the aims of the project and collaboration with people within and external to the team who are engaged as professionals in key areas, for example. Marketing, Procurement, Sales, Geology, Information Technology, Tax Advisors and Notaries. The project leader is responsible for the professional completion of the project within the set deadline and the achievement of its objectives.

Areas in which projects are being conducted
  • real estate management including buying – selling,
  • company restructuring: in particular company mergers,
  • mergers and acquisitions (m&a),
  • local zone plans,
  • management and protection of intellectual property,
  • training and presentations.